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Essential Moments with Stella Simona

We sat down with designer, creator and mother, Stella Simona to discuss the ways motherhood changed her relationship to her hair and how she’s creating new hair traditions with her two boys.


How has your hair routine changed since having children?

Having children has led me to reassess the importance of intentionality. In Hindu culture, there's a belief that advises us to prioritize our pursuits and devote ourselves to them fully, akin to worship. Previously, I hadn't placed much emphasis on the health of my hair, but now it holds a significant place in my wellness regimen. For me, true well-being encompasses a holistic approach, encompassing the mind, body, and spirit. This means considering factors such as diet, scalp care, and how my hair is treated. When I choose to focus on something, I commit myself wholeheartedly to it.

How has your relationship to your hair changed or evolved during motherhood?

Since becoming a mother, I've had to become incredibly strategic with my time. Despite having less time for myself, I've noticed a significant shift in my focus towards my hair care routine. It's all about learning to be efficient and understanding what truly matters. Previously, I didn't pay much attention to my scalp, but now it's my primary area of focus, with hair coming in second. By finding the right products for me, I've achieved healthier hair than ever before.

 I firmly believe that community care is a form of self-care. Reflecting on the rituals my sister and I had as children, I've found myself maintaining them as I've grown older. Each passing year, I develop a deeper appreciation for rituals and traditions, as they are deeply rooted in our values. Staying attuned to their significance helps us feel confident in our identity and sense of self.

What is something you value about how your mom cared for you?

In addition to imparting ancestral beauty practices, my mom took the time to explain the significance of each practice and how it benefits us. Now, with my sons, I make sure to pass down these traditions while also emphasizing why they are essential to practice.

As a mother, is there a hair tradition you hope to pass down to your children?

Stella: One tradition I cherish and aim to pass down is our weekly ritual of conditioning and styling each other's hair, usually on Sundays. It's more than just about hair care; it's a meaningful time for us to connect with one another. I firmly believe that touch is a form of therapy, and caring for our loved ones in this intimate way strengthens our bond even more.

How do you hope this informs the way your children care for themselves?

For me, fostering a sense of relaxation and connection with loved ones is paramount. In today's fast-paced world, we often overlook the healing power of these simple moments. 



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