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In working with you throughout the years, I’m so inspired by how you will take amazing risks with bold beauty looks. How do you feel when you step into these different versions of yourself? 

I feel like a new version of me every time I experiment with a different beauty look. It’s a new expression of my sense of self. I always look forward to the next experiment. 

How has your relationship with your hair evolved over the years?  

I used to feel like I always had to keep it looking the same to feel “me.” But after countless roles which required me to change styles as well as my growth as a woman, I’ve come to see changing my hair style as a fun, meaningful way to express my emotional evolvement and sense of self. We all grow and change and our hair is such a wonderful way to showcase that. Plus, it grows back so why not try new ways to style it?! 

What would you say to your 14 year old self about her relationship to her hair today if you could?

I’d empower myself to love what I was born with. We always want what we don’t have and it’s so easy to forget how beautiful we are as we are. I always wanted curly hair and fought my naturally more straight texture. And then when I was older and developed a slight bend in my hair, I’d constantly straighten it which was so bad for its integrity. I probably burned it so much and created incessant broken ends. On the flip side, I’d also encourage myself to play more and not be so afraid to push boundaries and switch up my style if i want to try something new. After all, hair grows back! It’s all about maintaining its integrity and treating it with kindness. 


"Beauty is a reflection of internal happiness."


Have you ever had a funny/tragic hair experience on set or before an event?

You chopped all my hair off before the Vanity Fair Oscar party! I remember I had been dreaming about it weeks before and wanted it so badly. But the moment you made the first cut, I was still shocked. I cried happy tears because of how good it felt. But I also remember laughing with you at the process I went through and all the emotions my face showed. I wasn’t prepared for how drastic it would be! And I loved it! 

Who were your biggest hair influences growing up? 

My grandmother Jane had such beautiful hair when she was younger and she always looked so glamorous. I had so many hair icons but some that pop out to me were Avril Levine’s stick straight style and the Olsen twin’s layers. 

Bangs? Yay or nay? Or fake?

Yes! I’m dying to have some soon. I’ve played around with fake ones for years and I keep thinking it’s time to make a dedicated real cut. They’re so chic. I just have to make sure they’re the right bangs for my face shape and of course, brows. 


What’s one product you can’t live without? 

Living Proof’s Dry Volume Powder. It’s saved me so many times. Whether I’m traveling and don’t have time to do anything to it or I need to keep re-using a hairstyle I’ve had done, it makes my hair feel refreshed, volumized and ready to go. I also love Living Proof's shampoo & conditioner. Of course RŌZ Santa Lucia Styling Oil too! I guess that’s more than one product…

What hairstyle makes you feel the most like yourself? 

I don’t know yet if I’ve found it. I love playing around so much and each style I have is a true expression of me in that moment. During that time. I’m excited for whatever one is next. 

Have you ever had an embarrassing hairstyle/color/perm you totally regretted?  

I definitely went though a phase of intense crimping. The more crimp I had, the more volume my hair had. And it didn’t always work in my favor. I loved it at the time but it’s slightly questionable in the photos I’ve looked back at. 

What’s a throwback hairstyle you hope makes a comeback? 

Barrettes we’re always a win for me when I was younger. They’re so fun to play with and add such a fun pop. You can always funk up any look with a few clips. 

What’s a throwback hairstyle you hope will never return? 

The asymmetrical cut was pretty bad. It’s too much maintenance to keep something purposely off balance. 

You have 10 minutes to get ready, what do you do with your hair? 

I’m so low-key with my hair. I’ve either air-dried it and just let it be natural or I swing it into a messy bun or pony. I love having my hair done but when it’s up to me, less is more. 

What does beauty mean to you now? 

It means feeling comfortable and confident in my skin, embracing change and allowing myself to breathe. Beauty is a reflection of internal happiness. The more radiant you feel, the more radiant you look. 

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